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Golfers spend too much time attempting to clean between shots, thus creating slow play – a cardinal sin. JetCaadee is a family of revolutionary products for cleaning your golfing gear while your game is in progress.

Dirty golf clubs, dirty greasy grips, dirty mud filled cleats, and dirty golf balls increase scores. Dirty Clubs cause your balls to spin out of control, loss of trajectory, and speed. Dirty, greasy grips have a detrimental effect on your club control. Dirty muddy cleats make your feet unstable as you swing. Dirty balls reduce spin, control and ball manipulation. These are only a fraction of problems you’ll experience when you play with dirty equipment. But even more than the negative effect it can have on your game, it’s a fact that playing the game with dirty equipment will inevitably result in damaged equipment, caused by ground surface debris. Why put up with all that, when there’s a solution at hand?

JetCaadee products are unique, because they allow you to clean your gear while you’re playing the game…before and after every shot!

– Nathan Jones

The JetCaadee is the solution to all cleaning problems in the game of golf. These patented products have been constantly tested, evaluated, redesigned and modified over 15 years to improve functionality, reduce weight, and add a sense of style to your game. Our products have been tested and evaluated by Impact Technologies, Inc.  Their report showed conclusively that cleaning with JetCaadee products result in balls and clubs that improve accuracy, increase distance, and provide greater control.

JetCaadee cleaning products are small, portable cleaning units, designed with simplicity in mind. They offer quick and easy installation on the rim of your golf bag, without the need for bolts, nuts, or screws, and can be stored in your golf bag in-between games. They fit all types of golf bags, and motorized golf carts. And best of all, our entire product line is manufactured, assembled and marketed here in the USA – creating jobs, and supporting our nation’s economy.

JetCaadee cleaners replace more than 25 existing products that could run you as much as $500.00. The features of the JetCaadee eliminate time spent during and after a round of golf. No more dirty clubs, no more dirty balls, no more dirty shoes, no more dirty cleats, no more dirty grips, no more dirty caps and no more dirty mud splattered pants.

The newest edition to the JetCaadee family of products is the JetCaadee PracTicee Tee, an ingenious club, tee, and ball organizer. You can use PracTicee Tee for putting at your home or office, or outdoors, for your long or short game at the range, keeping your clubs off the ground, and safely at hand.

Keep your equipment clean, save time, money and lower your score with JetCaadee products, from USAmeriMFG, LLC!

JetCaadeeThe JetCaadee is a derivative of the JetCaadee Pro without the clean water supplier, which slightly reduces the weight and size in comparison. This portable product cleans balls, clubs, shoes, grips, cleats and is small enough to store conveniently in any golf bag. It extends the life duration of balls and club face by eliminating grime, dirt, sand, and other debris between shots. Technology Tested has proven clean equipment “while the game is in play” Lower Scores.

MultiCleanerThe MultiCleaner was developed and engineered with the world’s most durable bristles and customized materials. This unique designed brush is tapered to effectively removes debris embedded deep into the grooves, and of the club face. It is ideal for providing just the right amount of agitation to penetrate fabric by cleaning, and removing stains from clothing, hats, grips, cleats and other golf gear.

JetCaadee ProThe JetCaadee Pro is a portable and innovative total cleaning system. It offers an immeasurable number of features all compacted into one small, light weight, unique design. The JetCaadee Pro cleans clubs, balls, shoes, cleats, grips, hats, provides a tee holder, and a quick clip for easy installation. This unit also features a “Clean Water Supplier”, equipped with an easy and convenient Push Button Water Control. Water for wetting towels, washing hands, face, and available for many other needs.
Ball WasherThe Ball Washer is an astonishing small, portable, efficient, lightweight product that is the size and weight of a can of soda. “Every golfers Dream” is to have an efficient cleaning unit available after every shot. Clean balls generate speed, accuracy, trajectory, spin, distance and control. Clean golf clubs produce maximum ball flight, backspin, feel, control, and ball manipulation. This revolutionary product cleans balls in seconds.

The JetCaadee Product Line was created by golfers for golfers to accommodate every golfer’s most
important cleaning needs “While The Game Is Being Played”. This “Line” was manufactured
with the highest quality of consumer materials and over 8 years dedicated in developing its
aesthetic design, and engineering structure. Golf has been played for more than 550 years, and is
now played worldwide without the most needed product of the game.
Impact Golf Technologies, Inc. TESTED