Rainy Day Of Golf

Golf Ball Washer: A Must Have Accessory For A Rainy Day Of Golf

Most people hate to hang up their game of golf when the rain comes. They even use umbrellas when walking around the golf course. It’s not a shocker the golf ball becomes muddy each time you strike it. Golfers usually wipe their balls clean before hitting. The dimples on the ball’s body attract grime, which ruins the benefit of having them. Today, however with ball washers, a rainy day is no longer bad news to a golf player.

So, what’s the catch?

There are a handful of washer models on the market you could pick from. How they operate varies from one model to another. The cheaper ones are mechanically driven by hands while electric motors run the high-end models. The significant variation in the models is that though some clean a single ball at a time, others clean more than one golf ball once. Some suck the balls in much like a vacuum cleaner that you use at home.

Clubs deploy a golf ball washer near every flagged hole, and though they are big industrial versions, they are very comfortable to use and durable as well. These contraptions use brushes in the base, along with water and cleaning solutions, very much like a dishwasher. All you do is to pop the ball in and turn the knob. You’re then given a fresh and clean ball at the base which you can wipe dry and move on. The club regularly supplies towels and tissues for this very purpose.

How to clean golf balls the easy way

Many players still prefer to carry their portable cleaners. One model has a simple padding inside. You just need to fill a container with water. Then you put the ball and rinse it, afterward leave the pad wet inside. You have to place the ball in the bowl. Juggle the container a bit, shake it up. The ball will come out, ready to be wiped dry and used on the course. It’s the most convenient version available on the market today and a favorite to many players.

Another simple washer is the type which can clip on to things like your kit bag or your trousers. It’s a simple round container which comes with a handle. You will need to fill the bowl with cleaning solution. Then, you have to place the ball in the bowl and turn the handle a few times. This motion will clean the ball very well. Take it out, wipe and resume your game. This washer is lightweight and portable, making it another hugely popular choice for golfers.


Golf ball washers have made an everlasting impact on the sport of golf and will continue to do so in the future. By keeping your ball clean, you’ll not only make yourself look more professional while playing but you’ll also play better allowing the ball to do its job uninhibited by dirt.