JetCaadee MultiCleaner

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The JetCaadee MultiCleaner is the perfect solution for keeping your gear clean while you play. The revolutionary two-sided brush cleans your shoes, cleats, club heads and club grips, in a lightweight package the size of a sport bottle.

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Wanna make a small wager? We bet you’ve got four or five different things in your bag to clean all your gear. Seems like that means you’re taking up a lot of space with a lot of stuff that really doesn’t get the job done. Here’s an idea…the new and improved JetCaadee MultiCleaner. Imagine a ready-to-go tool that’s no bigger than a sports bottle. Now imagine a reservoir with a soapy liquid, perfect for cleaning all your gear, and a double-headed brush with the strength for the job. One side comes with short, stiff bristles…perfect for getting to those clumps of dirt in your cleats, and removing the dirt in the grooves of your club heads. Then there’s the softer side, with bristles designed to give a little TLC to your expensive club grips and your golf shoes. Did we mention you can throw it in accessory pocket of your bag (with room to spare) or clip it to the lip of your bag? Wanna make another bet? We bet you want one, and when you get it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. 

JetCaadee MultiCleaner

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